Register and data protection description

This is Operon Group Ltd.’s register and data protection description according to EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Created 22.11.2023. Last change: 1.12.2023

1. Register keeper

Operon Group Oy, Sinikalliontie 11, 02630 ESPOO, Finland

2. Contact person responsible for register

Jussi Mikkola, +358 40 559 1526,

3. Register name

Web page user register

4. Legal basis and purpose of handling of the personal information

According to EU’s GDPR, legal basis for handling of personal information is the consent of the person (documented, voluntary, personalized, conscious, and univocal)

The purpose of handling of the personal information is keeping contact with customers, contacting job seekers interested in the company, and marketing.

The information shall not be used for automized decision-making or profiling purposes.

 5. Data content of the register

The information collected into the register are name of the person, contact information (phone number, email address), company, web-page addresses, internet traffic IP address, profiles in social media services, customer free-form additional information, and CVs

Registers listed:

  • Customer register
  • Job seeker register

The information will be stored if the contact is active. Inactive contacts will be removed within 1 year from the register.

Web page visitor IP addresses and necessary cookies to web service providing will be handled based on the righteous interest e.g., to secure the data protection and collecting statistical information of the visitors in cases where they can be seen as personal information. Cookies related to third party services will be separately informed and consent to these will be separately asked.

6. Regular data sources

Information collected into the register will be received from the customer e.g. via messages sent via the forms in the web page, via emails, via phone calls or through social media services, agreements, customer meetings and other circumstances where the customer is handing over its information.

The contact person information from companies and other organizations can be collected also from public sources, e.g. from web pages, dictionary services and other companies.

7. Regular hand over of the information and data transfer outside EU or ETA region