Project Services

Operon’s project services secure efficient and carefree equipment and technology deliveries. We offer basic design, project managment and contracting services for projects ranging from small project parts to whole project deliveries as a turn-key principle.

From project planning to project management

Operon’s project management and project planning services are a great way to ensure that water treatment plants have the technological deliveries they need. We run our operations independently and always try to find the most effective overall solution for Your technology needs.

Our comprehensive project management and project planning services mean that we offer no-fuss technology deliveries as turnkey solutions. Combining Operations Services and Technology Delivery Services ensures impeccably working end results.

When needed we take care of the whole project from design to construction, equipment installations, instrumentation and start-up operations. We can also execute just the part you need from the project. We also work in co-operation with various design companies.

Operon has delivered a number of MBR and tertiary treatment solutions for the needs of Finnish waterworks. We carry out development and testing activities continuously, which makes it possible to introduce new technologies in an efficient and reliable manner.

With help of our contracting services, you will get solutions and equipment designed just for you.

Operon all actions in municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plant investment projects. We offer solutions and equipment designed just for you also for enhancing and modernization of currently running plants.

Anticipation is the best and most cost efficient care-taking. We do estimations, audits and maintenance planning for equipment and plants, and map-out development needs. After a comprehensive survey, we will execute an equipment solution designed just for the specific target.

We have the required permits to work (water works, hot works, work safety, electrical works and welding). In addition, our company has an extensive quality management system. Thus, you can trust on the results of the works – we want to do quality and support sustainable development.

Why Operon?

Operon’s project management and contracting services answer for the equiment delivery challenges today and tomorrow:

  • How to secure successful technology and process delivery?
  • How to execute whole plant project cost efficiently?
  • How to optimize plant life cycle costs already in design phase?
  • How to secure operative aspects within the technology and process deliveries?

Project management and contracting services boosts the project organization efficiency and frees up resources for plant owner’s core business operations. Operon’s wide organization also in other sectors in water treatment secures long-lasting choices in design phase, when the whole plant life cycle is taken in account.

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