Equipment and Technologies

We offer you high-quality equipment deliveries from our own equipment manufacturing workshop and from our trusted partners. In addition to equipment deliveries we deliver processes and technologies for the needs of water and wastewater treatment plants.

Equipment that are trusted all over the globe

Operon’s equipment manufacturing includes water treatment equipment made in Finland. We offer manufacturing and assembly services, which means that we can deliver highly advanced equipment as a part of our technology deliveries. We also offer contracting services and single-product deliveries.

The workshop operations are flexible and highly professional, which means that fast deliveries and tailored equipment are available for water treatment plants’ equipment needs, regardless of their size.

We also offer you fast delivery of all the spare parts needed in equipment and instrumentation. Customized spare parts are also available in tailor-made basis.

Operon’s equipment manufacturing covers both public and private entities in the Finnish market, and it also has an extensive international delivery base. The most important international markets include the Nordic countries, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Modern technologies for the needs of water and wastewater treatment plants

In addition to equipment deliveries, Operon delivers also technologies for the needs of treatment plants. We compare wide range of different technologies and find the perfect fit for your plant’s needs.

Operon has delivered e.g. numerous MBR and tertiary treatment solutions for the needs of Finnnish wastewater treatment plants, also in demanding project environments. Continuous research and development enables effiecient and secure commissioning of new technologies.

Operon maintains continuous research and development actions that secure the suitability of technology choices in real world operative environment. Furthermore, vast amount of operative experiences and knowledge for design, commisioning and operations are being collected in research and development actions

Why Operon?

Operon’s Equipment and Technologies -services are answering versatily the needs in modernization of treatment plants.

  • How to choose cost efficient equipment investment?
  • How to secure quality equipment in process delivery package?
  • How to execute equipment commissioning in a safe and high quality manner?

We secure the equipment investment as a turn-key principle. By adding contraction services into investment project you will get peace of mind and free resources for your core businesses.

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