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When Operon Audit Process?

Plant operation needs optimization

When plant performance or efficiency is not meeting the requirements, it is crucial to find out what can be done. Operon determines alternative ways to renovate the plant. Typically there are multiple different approaches and alternatives to do this.

The situation of a utility needs clarification

There are many different operations related to water around the water utilities. It is difficult to get the overview of the situation, and multiple ways to proceed makes the comparison even more difficult. In Operon Audit we map out a clear picture of current state, and innovate different development paths to be taken in use for the needs of water utilities and water systems.

Plant renovation under planning

Plant renovation on a planning phase, but the required scope is not yet clear. Is the plant’s current state really meeting the current maximal capacity? What could be the most efficient way to ensure cost efficient renovation project?

Securing plant continuity

Employees in the plant have changed, and it should be found out how the plant should be operated, and how the competences and resources are secured for the future. Operon Audit clarifies different ways to succeed in the future.

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