Operon as a company

We want to be a leading Water and Sludge Treatment Solution provider and Service Company. We offer advanced Technologies for our Clients and ensure the cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Operon Today

Company overview

Currently Operon Group consists of 5 business areas with revenue of approximately 17 M€. We employ directly over 60 experts and have wide network of partners to provide best possible solutions.

We offer our expertise for the entire life cycle of your Plant, from design to operation covering operation and maintenance services, sludge treatment and recycling services as well as contracting & project services, leading technology and equipment for our customers

Our customer groups covers public sector and municipalities, industrial customers and consumers.

Operon business units

Operon Finland brings dozens of years of operative expertise of water treatment facility operations to Operon.

The operation and maintenance of waterworks and the management of water treatment facilities are Operon Finland’s key areas of expertise.

Operon Finland joined into Operon Group at the time of its founding, in 2019.


Suomen Ekolannoite has offered services in sewage sludge disinfection and production of soil conditioners since 2011.

Suomen Ekolannoite brings to Operon its long experience and solid expertise in the treatment of sewage sludge and circular economy solutions.

Suomen Ekolannoite joined into Operon Group at the time of its founding, in 2019.


Operon International (former Aquazone), established in 2009, specializes in the treatment of wastewaters and the boosting the wastewater processes and joined into Operon Group at the time of its founding, in 2019.

Operon International’s expertise equip Operon with a solid ground for international technological deliveries for the needs of public and private water treatment plants to deliver efficient and carefree equipment and technology solutions.

Operon Internal offer design, project management and contracting services for variety of projects from technology deliveries to turn-key projects and act as a Lead Partner in several PIF Funded projects in Africa and Asia


Solid Water manufacture and sell equipment for water and wastewater plants though its partner and distribution network with deliveries to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

In Finland Solid Water Ltd also provide project and contracting services to provide efficient turn-key solutions and carefree equipment deliveries for municipalities and industrial customers. Solid Water was founded in 2011 and joined into Operon Group in the beginning of 2023.


Vestelli provides its solutions and products for customers in rural areas (without municipality wastewater treatment network). Our customers include consumers (private houses), industrial and public sector customers

Vestelli main markets are Finland, Sweden and Norway

Our ways of working is based on strong partnerships, in which we build environmental friendly technologies and cost efficiency to water and wastewater treatment.