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Operon – Environmentally friendly and Cost effective waste water treatment

Securing clean water requires new kind of expertise and design. You don’t need to know everything – we offer our expertise for the entire life cycle of you Plant, from design to operation.

We offer Operation and Maintenance services, Sludge treatment and recycling as well as technology and process deliveries for Municipalities and Industries. Operon unites strong Finnish water sector companies’ (Aquazone Ltd, Operon Finland Ltd, Solid Water Ltd and Suomen Ekolannoite Ltd)decades of experience and knowledge into a service offering which covers the whole water process.


Life cycle model

Our Life Cycle Model gives paths for a more Sustainable future

Is Your treatment plant up-to-date? Does your water treatment process function efficiently and in a sustainable manner? Do You recognize the implications of your investment options, for the whole life cycle?

Solutions provided by Operon cover the whole Life Cycle Model, from plant design to its’ operation and processing side streams to be used as fertilizer.

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What is your Plant’s true performance potential?

When You want benefit from the full potential of your Plant, You need a neutral current state review.

Operon’s Audit Concept highlights the areas to be tackled in order to improve the Plant performance. Plant performance can significantly be enhanced with both Operational and Technical Improvements. This enables to right size and focus investments where they matter.

  • Cost Effective Investments
  • True view on Plant’s Current State
  • Data driven decision making and follow-up

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