What is the real potential of your facility?

When you want to take advantage of full potential of your facility, you will need an objective overall picture of its current state.

The audit concept launched by Operon is a way to identify the service components your facility will need to improve its performance. Auditing is used to identify and illustrate the technical and financial performance of the water treatment facility in a clear and understandable manner.

Potential development measures are determined on the basis of present-day data, and they are used to improve the efficiency of the plant.

When Operon auditing?

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Plant investment project in design

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Ensuring the continuous operability of the plant

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Why operon auditing?

Operon’s auditing services ensure that the plant is being developed as cost efficiently and sustainably as possible.

  • How to secure plant’s full current capacity?
  • How to plan efficient development of current plant?
  • How to optimize the costs of an plant investement project?
  • How to secure plant continuity in terms of resources and competencies?

Auditing services secure and efficient development of a plant in future, and offers immediately tools and options for operations development.

Examples from audits performed

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